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4 Types of Copywriting and Why You Need Them

If you’re doing a deep dive into digital marketing and the ways it can support your business, you’ve probably heard the term ‘copywriting’. While it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like, there are different types that all play different roles in your business’ marketing.

Copywriting is the art of crafting messaging and text to influence, educate, engage, and persuade a reader into making a purchase. Copywriting is used in a range of marketing and advertising scenarios, such as blogs, email marketing, and social media. In the case of small businesses with a limited marketing budget, copywriting is a very effective tool for attracting new clients, enhancing brand recognition, and boosting revenue. Here are 4 types of copywriting that you can use to grow your business in 2023:


Small businesses utilize blogs as a popular type of copywriting to establish expertise in their industry as well as offer free value to prospective customers. According to Hubspot, businesses that blog get 55% more website visitors than those that don't. In addition to increasing website traffic, blogs can help small businesses rank higher in search results. This happens because these pages are able to host more relevant keywords, topics, and backlinks, which will push search engines like Google to rank your site higher than others in search results.

Email Marketing

Another form of copywriting that small businesses can use to great effect is email marketing. Small businesses can develop relationships with their consumers, advertise new goods or services, and increase sales by sending targeted, tailored emails to their subscribers. According to Campaign Monitor, 64% of small businesses used email marketing to reach customers in 2021. A clear call to action, an awareness of the target audience, and a well-written email are all necessary for effective email copywriting.

Ad Copy

Another type of copywriting that small businesses can employ to market their goods or services is ad copy. Small businesses must develop ad language that is compelling, audience-specific, and attention-grabbing whether they are using Facebook ads, Google ads, or other forms of online advertising. Understanding the target market, having a firm grasp of the good or service, and being able to convey the advantages of that good or service persuasively are all necessary for effective ad copy.

Social Media

Last but not least, social media is yet another effective technique for small companies trying to advertise their goods or services. Creating content for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that will engage and inform followers entails composing posts, captions, and messages. A thorough awareness of the target audience and the capacity to create messages that speak to them are necessary for effective social media copy.

By creating high-quality, informative, and persuasive copy, small businesses can establish authority in their industry, build relationships with their customers, and drive sales. Whether it's through blog posts, email marketing, ads, or social media, effective copywriting can help small businesses like yours reach new audiences and achieve their marketing goals.

If you're business is looking to grow in 2023 and are interested in seeing what copywriting can do for you, book a call with me.

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